Anamorphoscope – Arty Science Optical Illusion Toy

Device of Renaissance Artists and Spies Morphs into STEM and STEAM Fun!

Morph-O-Scopes by OOZ & OZ

Decode twisted secret coloring pages with a curved mirror. It’s Mirror-aculous!

Fun, Engaging, Hand-Eye Learning Toys for STEAM Education!

Parents’ Choice Gold, Dr. Toy, National Assoc. for Gifted Children,, Stevies, etc.
“Unique! among elementary school learning toys.” “A sensation” in children’s arts and crafts toys.
“Our testers loved this!”
“A standout” educational toy! “Great family fun with lots of educational value.” “Brilliant intro to the playful side of optical physics!” “The must-have toy” for elementary, middle or high school students interested in magic toys, science and art. “Whoa! Come see this magic thing!”