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Hole-Punched Flipbooks – A Clever New Approach

Acknowledgement: COLOSSAL Art, Design, and Visual Culture by  Christopher Jobson on April 13, 2015 Artist Scott Blake, known widely for his barcode art, recently began experimenting with the humble hole puncher. By punching different patterns that shift from page to page, he creates short animations that twist and rotate as you flip. He currently has…

Optical Illusion Breakthroughs – USA, Singapore, Belgium

Salmon sculpture, Portland, Oregon   People Of The River by Chong Fah Cheong, Singapore   De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium

Optical Illusions: Hololens, Pepper’s Ghost, First Valentine

It’s been quite the week for optical illusions in our family! First of all, two days ago Microsoft launched its ultra top secret product – Hololens. My daughter, a software engineer at MS, said she has been working on this project for more than two years! OMG, people, it is a world-changer! Because of Hololens,…

Gifts from Brusspup, Our Favorite Optical Illusion Guy

It’s an old visual trick: precisely parallel lines on a transparent sheet slid over specially striated images create the illusion of motion. But Brusspup always delivers fresh fun. In this new video he makes a ring transform to revolving balls and change color! Ovals become rotating cogs. A cylinder turns into a swiveling cube. He’s…

DIY Christmas Trees

Culled from one of my favorite blogs – Design Swan – posted 11 Dec 2014 “Christmas is not only a wonderful time to celebrate love and joy with your family and friends, but also a great time to let your creativity flourish. There are plenty of brilliant Christmas tree ideas out there, from plastic spoon…

Vanishing Church …Now You See it…Now You Don’t!

“Reading between the Lines” is an installation created by architectural duo Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenberghare. Located in Limburg, Belgium, the structure  resembles a rustic old church covered with clapboard or ship lap siding. When seen from the right high vantage point, the building appears to be a solid structure. But the walls and…

Anamorphic Art – Honda Rides the Trend!

Auto maker gets on board with brain-tickling optical illusion fun! Keep your eyes on the shadows.

Animals Turned Upside-Down Morph into Different Species

No. This isn’t a variation of cow tipping.  It’s the clever optical illusion art of Jérôme Gonfond.  

There are People Hidden in Your Basement!

And Animals in Your Kitchen Cabinets! Find them! Get them out of there. Get your kids to help! And you’ll discover a fun, cheap, visual training activity this summer. Inspiration is everywhere! French artist Gilbert Legrand  turned everyday household objects like a pump bottle (left), spigots, and shears, and into delightful people and animals – “rat…

OK GO Anamorphic Art. That’s What I’m Talking About!

Great anamorphic art antics and optical illusion fun video: OK GO’s “The Writing’s On the Wall”!